3 Things to Know Before Getting a Nail Polish During Pedicure in Ottawa

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When it comes to getting a Pedicure in Ottawa at your favorite salon, then you want to choose the right color. The problem is that many people still get confused while choosing the color. Fortunately for you, in this blog, we shall look into some of the best tips for choosing the right nail polish color during a pedicure process. Choosing the ideal nail polish color during Pedicure in Ottawa is important because you want to use it for complementing your style, the shape of your hands and the skin tone. The shape and length of your fingers is important too as you do not want a color that makes them look too short or too long.

1) Know about your skin tone:

This is one of the most important things that you can do when choosing the right nail polish color for yourself. Knowing your skin tone is important. When it comes to choosing based on skin tone, there are some hard and fast rules. For example, if you have fair skin you can easily choose dark colors, especially blue. If your skin tone is medium, you can do well with dark red colors. If your skin tone is dark, you are in luck as you can choose any color!

2) Pay attention to your outfit:

This one is a little bit difficult. You cannot always plan what outfit you are going to wear. However, if you can figure this one out, you can easily look your best. There are some experts who will tell you that your nail polish must never match the outfit you are wearing, while others are of the opinion that it does not matter. When choosing based on outfits, it is a good idea to go with your instincts. You can choose a complementary color but it is not really necessary to choose a matching color. If you like a particular color that matches your shoes, skirt and top, just go for it.

3) Choose based on your makeup:

Just like skin tone and the dress you are wearing, the makeup also dictates considerably the color of your nail polish color. In here too, however, opinions come mixed. However, you cannot go wrong with getting a complementary nail polish color.

Thus, you have 3 top tips to ensure that you can get the best nail polish color.

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