Common beauty treatments for nails you get in Stittsville

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Surely we all have our monthly beauty salon appointments that we make to groom ourselves. Every woman has that in her monthly itinerary. But we often tend to ignore the nails or our hands and feet. Just like your face, hair, and body, nails need attention and pampering too. It keeps them in good shape and getting the nail treatments are also quite hygienic. There’s a lot a salon can offer for your nails spa in Stittsville. So in this blog, we will discuss the common nail beauty treatments that you can get for yourself.



Well, there are two parts of nail pampering. One is for the general care and the other is solely for making your nails look pretty. So let’s begin with the basics:


Of course, you have heard about manicure, but do you keep it in your regular beauty treatment regimen. Well, you should as it does a lot more than just making your hands and nails look pretty. The process is simple. In a nail spa what they do is, first they will clean the nails and hands properly with lukewarm water and liquid cleanser.

After that, they will scrub and remove all the dead skin cells. The cleaning and scrubbing are followed by cuticle treatment. The nail technician will cut, shape and file the nails. In the finishing touch, they will paint your nails with your favorite color. This is the basic manicure but there are other types too like a French manicure, gel manicure, wax manicure, fish manicure, etc.


Just like manicure is for the nails of your hands, a pedicure is done to keep the nails on your feet in good shape. The process is the same cleansing, scrubbing, cutting, filing, shaping and so on. The only difference is that they also tend to the heels of the feet with pumice stone clean the dead skin cells and make it softer. Pedicure not only makes the nail and feet as a whole beautiful, but it also has a ton of health benefits.


Nail art is all about making your nails beautiful by adding extensions or painting and designing it. This beauty practice has become the rage of the 21st-century fashion scenario. Instead of getting a simple mani-pedi or the French type you can opt for nail art. The best part about nail art is that you can choose a design that completely reflects your fashion sense. You can go funky with colors and patterns, add some glitter, go classy and elegant, the choice is all yours. The beautician will have all the ready provisions and designs for you. All you got to do is choose the one you like.

These are the common beauty treatments that you can get in a salon for nails in Stittsville. If you have been ignoring your nails then it is time to give them the attention and pampering they deserve.

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