Different Types of Pedicure in Ottawa to Glam up Your Feet

pedicure in ottawa

When getting beauty treatments at the salon, we mainly focus on our face and hair. But those are not the only visible part of the body. Your limbs need equal care and attention, especially your feet. Even the most trendy and expensive pair of heels will look shabby if your feet are properly groomed. That’s why we have the pedicure in Ottawa salons.

It is the best pampering you can get for your feet. Pedicure not only makes the feet look beautiful but also gets rid of the tan, dryness, and dead skin cells. It works like magic to mend cracked heels. Your grooming routine is incomplete without a regular pedicure.

There are different types of pedicure treatments available in the salons. Given below are a few popular ones that you can try out.


This is the regular type of pedicure. The normal one that is available in all salons, universally. The procedure goes like this: At first the salon attendant will dip your feet in foot soak mixed with lukewarm water. After a few minutes, your feet will be scrubbed thoroughly to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Your nails will be clipped, shaped and filed properly. The cuticles will be attended to and after that, you will be given a good foot massage to boost blood circulation. The treatment ends with an application of nail polish of your preferred color.


A French pedicure is also quite common in most salons. The process remains the same as the normal pedicure. The only difference is the supplication of nail polish on your toenails. A nude nail polish is applied as the base coat. Then only the upper portion of the nail is painted white. The last coat consists of clear polish. It looks very chic and classy and is very popular among women of all ages.


As the name suggests, this type of pedicure uses fish that will nibble on your feet to make it soft and supple. You dip your feet in a small glass fish tank and the fish eat away all the dirt and dead skin cells. It is considered as natural, organic and highly therapeutic. However, many find the session to be very ticklish and cannot continue with it.


If you have ever tried hot stone massage then you are acquainted with how it is done. Hot stone pedicure uses the same pedicure method but with the addition of hot stones. The first step involves cleaning the feet properly using a normal pedicure technique. After that, your feet are massaged using hot stones. It does great to relieve tired and sore feet muscles.

The next time you are in the mood to pamper yourself, don’t deny your feet the luxury of getting a pedicure in Ottawa. You can try the above mentioned to treat your feet in the best way.

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