When You Should be Getting a Pedicure in Ottawa

Pedicure in Ottawa

You probably know about the pedicure. Perhaps you have taken the service yourself or may have heard of your friends taking the service. However, it may not be right to take the pedicure at every time. Can you go to the spa to get a pedicure service at all times? Can’t one just do it at home, but self-service? There are of course many who have never taken this kind of pampering service. This blog is for them.

When should you get a pedicure?

To start with, we can tell you that if you have never had Pedicure in Ottawa before, you are certainly missing out on one of the best pampering services of the modern world. Generally, it is nothing fancy but any shall tell you how relaxing it is. Many people still do not wish to go for this as they think that their feet are too unsightly to be shown in public. But that’s not the point of a pedicure, is it? No one cares what your feet look like! Just go out there, relax and have fun! The professionals shall take care of the rest.

What happens in a Pedicure service in Ottawa?

Let’s now see how it all works in brief. After getting the appointment, the very first thing after entering is to take off your shoes and socks. Roll your pants up. You shall then be soaking your feet in a nice and relaxing bubble bath in a tub. This is done so that by the time the core process starts, your skin and nails are soft enough. One this is done, the nail technician shall sit in front of you on a stool, take one foot at a time, and trim and file the nails properly. Cuticles shall be pushed down as well, but this part is up to you.

While one foot is being serviced, the other remains in the hot bubble bath. After the cleaning, your feet are exfoliated. Calluses are removed with equal dexterity. An exfoliation cream is applied.

After the Pedicure treatment in Ottawa, your feet are dried with a soft and dry cotton towel.

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