Top 4 Styles of Manicure and Pedicure in Ottawa

pedicure in Ottawa

When it comes to nail art, there is no limit to making your nails more glamorous and shinier. With nail art, you can let your personality shine with the latest 3D décor or just stick a nude polish to hold the classy look. There are different manicure types that can give your nail art a new look. You can find a number of salons that offer different types of manicure in Ottawa. Pedicure in Ottawa is also extremely popular. Below are discussed different types of a manicure from which you can choose yours that complement your nail arts.

Basic Manicure

If you want to get a professional manicure for the first time, start with a basic manicure that excludes all the extras. In this manicure process, at first, the nail expert will apply a cream, lotion or oil to the cuticles. The next step is placing your hands into a dish of warm water for approx 5 minutes for soaking. Once the soaking process is over and the cuticles have been tamed, the nail expert will dry your hands. This manicure includes nail shaping and a hand massage.

French Manicure

If you want to give your hands a clean and gorgeous look, you can choose the ever-classic French manicure. In this process, a clear, beige or pale polish is applied over the nails, and along the tips, white polish is applied.  The result you get is too vibrant and healthy that keep you always party ready. You can also get a reverse French manicure according to which you can get the nails painted white while a darker shade will be applied to the tip.

Gel Manicure

In case you want a long lasting manicure without damaging the acrylic nails, gel manicure is the perfect option for you. It is almost similar to the basic manicure except for a special polish. This polish lasts longer than the polish that is applied on the basic manicure. It is also less prone to chipping.

American Manicure

American manicure is almost similar to the French manicure, but the color and the shape of the nails differ. In this style, the tips are rounded and neutral or off white colors are applied on them instead of the bright white that is used in the French manicure. American manicure may or may not include a glitter polish.

Apart from the above four types of manicure, paraffin manicure, hot stone manicure, mirror manicure, shelter manicure and vinyl lux manicure are also popular styles of a manicure. You can choose the best salon to get a professional manicure in Kanata.

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