Basic Know How on Popularity of Manicures Using Dipping Powder in Canada

dipping powder in Canada


Have you heard about the use of dipping powder in Canada for nail manicures and nail art? If you are always up to speed on the latest fashion trends then it is likely that you are well acquainted with the concept. However, if you are hearing the term for the first time then we will help shed some light on the use of dipping powder and the benefits that come with it.


There was a time when gel and acrylic manicures ruled the nail beauty and fashion arena. Though it will be wrong to say that the former two have lost its popularity they are facing tough competition from this ‘new thing’ called dip powder. It comes is dust or powder form and while doing a manicure you basically coat your nails with it. The dip powder adds a layer of protection to your natural nail. If you are one of those people who complain about having weak and brittle nails then dip powder is the thing for you. The powder will add extra layer protection making your nails strong without causing any harm. It stops the nail from breaking further

Manicure with dip powder is way better than gel and acrylic in aspects of flexibility, durability, and longevity. Anyone getting a manicure wants it to last long. When you do one with dipping powder it lasts for more than two to three weeks.



  1. Like in a normal manicure, you need to remove any traces of polish from your nails by using a remover. You also need to trim the excess cuticle in this stage.
  2. You need a buffer to smoothen the top surface of the nail. You need to be attentive along the curved edges and the cuticle area.
  3. If there is any imperfection in your nail such as uneven or cracked edges then you need to correct that by using a nail file. Make sure that the nail has even edges.
  4. The next step involves cleaning the nail by using alcohol or nail sanitizer. It is the basic process of sanitizing your nails.

  1. The dip powder kit comes with a base. So, at first, you need to apply the base coat on the nails. Start from the cuticle area and then spread it properly to the edge for an even finish.
  2. Let the base coat sit for one minute and apply the resin very carefully.
  3. Once the resin is applied, dip your nail in the powder. Firstly you need to shake the powder container before opening. After that just put your finger and roll nail area in the powder. Keep it like that for about 5 seconds and before removing shake the excess dip powder of the nail and finger. After the nail dries up you can use a nail brush to remove the extra powder, but not before that. It is best to use a clear powder in this stage. You can use a color one after applying the second coat of resin.
  4.  For color, apply more resin on the nail and dip your finger in a colored dipping powder of your choice and repeat as explained in the last step. This will give you a more durable, long lasting and sturdy nail.

In the final stage, you have to apply the activator that comes with the kit. Apply two coats and let each sit for 5 seconds. Fix any imperfections along the edges if you have and finish it off by applying the top coat. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the manicure is done.

That’s how they use dipping powder in Canada for manicure purposes. It is the chicest thing in the market now and the popularity with nail art has only raised its demand. Therefore the next time you visit the nail salon, make sure to try out the dip powder process and flaunt away those gorgeous nails.

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